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Best Blinds for the Window Over the Kitchen Sink

Whether you're cooking, baking, or just plain eating, the kitchen plays a central role in any household. Being such a pivotal location means that every detail is important; the proper window treatment is no exception. Taking the appropriate considerations into account - temperature, ease of cleaning, and kitchen style - can take your kitchen to the next level.

Kitchen Blinds by Hunter Douglas from Mill Design & Blinds

Finding the best blinds for over the kitchen sink or throughout the room is easier when you shop at Mill Design & Blinds! Our team will help you select the perfect window treatment for your kitchen and other rooms besides.


As anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in the kitchen can attest, the kitchen can get warm! While this can certainly be pleasant in the winter, temperature control is central to spending a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Where your HVAC system does most of the heavy lifting, the right window treatment can significantly alleviate the heat generated by the sun beaming down.

Cellular shades are specially constructed to provide an air buffer between the outside world and your home. The benefits of this air pocket are threefold: First, it reduces white noise from outside. Second, it limits the rate of heat transfer. As windows are one of the home's greatest areas of heat transfer, this is particularly potent. Thirdly, by slowing the heat transfer rate, they can start to impact your energy bill.

Ease of Cleaning

Keeping a kitchen clean is a task in and of itself. Adding window treatments into the mix, particularly around food prep areas? Seems like a recipe for disaster.

Luckily, there are blinds and shutters that are easy to clean and look great. Mill Design and Blinds offers premier blinds and shutters from Hunter Douglas made from their cutting-edge faux wood. This faux wood is durable, resistant to staining, and extremely easy to wipe down. They're made to have the luxurious look of natural wood while having the helpful characteristics of a TruGrain® finish.

Modern Style Kitchen

While all these benefits of window treatments are nice, we all know that aesthetics are king. None of these matter if you don't like how they look. The modern style is highly prevalent in today's society, and we have the shades to match!

Aspects of the original style stem from Ancient Rome's Coliseum, but Roman shades are definitively modern. Whether you're striving for a minimalist style or love a clean style, the simple pleats and folded nature can complement any kitchen.

Traditional Style Kitchen

Modern kitchens can be lovely, but there's a solid argument for more traditional or classic kitchens making a home more warm and welcoming. Tenets of traditional interior design generally focus on signature wood pieces, timeless furniture, and an overall sense of regality.

Woven wood shades pair nicely with the traditional kitchen. The natural fibers, grasses, and woods accentuate the exposed wood features in the room; more importantly, they don't steal the show. While we at Mill Design and Blinds are enormous fans of window treatments, we understand that not everyone wants them to be the star of the show necessarily. The woven wood shades are a perfect supporting character - they improve on the best parts of the room while not drawing too much attention to themselves.

None of these strike your fancy? Still struggling to find the right window treatment? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your interior design dreams.

Finding the Best Blinds and Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

Mill Design and Blinds is committed to quality products and superior service for every aspect of your home. Whether you're looking for the best blinds for that window over the kitchen sink or for a custom interior design consultation, we're here to help! We're honored to be a shop-at-home dealer, allowing us to come and showcase our products in your own home - no more concerns about whether or not the vision will carry over. Call us today to start your interior design journey.